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This article is about the current version of DF.
(For a chart with the default ASCII characters, see Character table.)
(For user-created tilesets, see Tileset repository.)
(For user-created creature graphics sets, see Graphics set repository.)

Tilesets are images the game uses to display its graphics; each tile is used to show text and represent things. Users create custom tilesets for a number of reasons, including increased visibility, aesthetics, or small size. Tilesets come in two flavors: "character sets" (or simply "tilesets") and "graphics sets".

Overview and installation[edit]

Character sets[edit]

A character set is an image in BMP or PNG format that contains the 256 different tiles, corresponding to the IBM Code Page 437 (sometimes called Extended ASCII), which are used to display the main graphics. Here is the list of user-made standard tilesets. To install any of these tilesets, follow these steps:

  1. Download the tileset via right-click-save-as on the tileset. The tileset is just an image, so there's no separate download link. (The list is here)
  2. Convert it into a 24-bit BMP fileV0.28.181.40d file or PNG filev0.31.06. Do NOT just change the extension to .bmp; you must use a program like MS paint to save it as a .bmp.
  3. Put it in the data/art directory of your Dwarf Fortress installation.
  4. Open data/init/init.txt
  5. If you want to use the tileset in fullscreen mode, locate and modify the [FULLSCREENX:800], [FULLSCREENY:600], and [FULLFONT:curses_800x600.bmp] configuration lines to match the specifications from the tileset list. The FULLFONT directive should match the filename of the tileset you downloaded. If you want to use the tileset in windowed mode, search for the [WINDOWEDX:640], [WINDOWEDY:300], and [FONT:curses_640x300.bmp] lines instead, and change them to the correct values.
  6. It is also recommended you keep [BLACK_SPACE:YES] to prevent stretching of the graphics.
  7. Save the .txt file, then you're ready to play!

Graphics sets[edit]

Character sets only change certain graphics, while others are left out. The confusingly-named graphics sets are used to change the appearance of creatures in the game, such as dwarves and unicorns. They usually come with and are designed to work together with certain tilesets. They can significantly change the appearance of the game and make it easier for players to tell what is happening onscreen. While Tilesets work the same as previous versions, Graphics Sets will have to be redone as the raws have changed.

Custom tileset design[edit]

The default (and minimum) gameplay viewport is 80 characters wide, and 25 characters tall. Therefore, a tileset's target resolution will be TILE_X_LENGTH * 80 by TILE_Y_LENGTH * 25. Since the tileset is arranged into a 16x16 grid of tiles (256 tiles total), the tileset image size will be TILE_X_LENGTH * 16 by TILE_Y_LENGTH * 16. Here are some common tile sizes:

  • A tileset with 10x12 tiles will be 160x192 pixels large, and the target resolution will be 800x300.
  • A tileset with 16x16 tiles will be 256x256 pixels large, and the target resolution will be 1280x400.

When creating a custom tileset, it's often easiest to start with an existing one, and edit it to your liking. Tilesets generally fall into three categories: rectangular tilesets, square tilesets, and 16x16 square tilesets. Rectangular tilesets have tiles that are taller than they are wide. The text in these tilesets is generally easier to read, but the map appears squished horizontally. Square tilesets usually provide more attractive graphics, but are slightly less readable. The 16x16 square tilesets are just a sub-set, which are grouped together because most object tilesets use 16x16 tiles. The graphics in Dwarf Fortress can be somewhat diversified and enhanced through the use of graphics sets.

Many tiles are used by the game in multiple ways, and this makes customizing the graphics difficult. The same icon is used for chairs and the north end of one-tile-wide vertical bridges. Ashes and broken arrows look the same, and many game entities (such as levers, floodgates, bags, and bins) share characters that are also used in Dwarven names or other bits of text in the interface.

What tiles are used for what[edit]

  • Items marked with * can have their tile changed in the raw data files.
  • Items marked with # can have their tile replaced by a graphics set image, in addition to having their tile changed in the raw data.
  • Items marked with $ can be changed in the d_init.txt file.

For a graphical table, go to the Character Table.

Row 01 (000-015)[edit]

000   Used for background tiles in the intro CMV and background tiles of interface screens
001 Civilian dwarves#, various status indicators
002 Military dwarves#
003 Dimple cups*
004 Cut gems, large gems
005 Quarry bush leaves*, blossoms*, various forest trees*
006 Broadleaf Forest, various forest trees*, various leaf items*, Plump helmets*
007 Mined out stone*, solid workshop tile for several workshops like the magma smelter, river sources in main map, caves in main map, moon on travel map, flower buds*
008 Solid workshop tile for several other workshops like the magma forge, tanner's shop, catapult cup, fortress keeps on travel map, nest box tool*, nest box building, book
009 Well, vermin colony, millstone, quern, vertical axle, fortress walls on travel map, sun behind clouds on travel map, fortresses on world map, creeping eye out of view (adventure mode)*, staring eyeball*, bubble bulb*
010 trunk interior$
011 Male sign, bags, Various Cephalopods#
012 Female sign, amulet
013 Ladles*
014 Armor stands
015 Unmined Gem Cluster*, Rough Gems and Raw Glass, unmined bituminous coal*, mined bituminous coal*, currency symbol, masterpiece quality symbol, spider webs, pond turtle*, sun, gear assemblies, paralyzed indicator, fireballs, bandit camps on travel map

Row 02 (016-031)[edit]

016 Head of Ballista arrow facing east, manta ray#
017 Head of Ballista arrow facing west
019 Cages, on-fire tags, vertical bars
020 Mugs, largest forest retreats, cumulonimbus clouds on travel map, Highwood forests*
021 § Restraints, whip vine*
022 Logs, hive tool*, hive building
023 Cedar forest*
024 Interface text (bridge direction), conifer forests, various forest trees*
025 Various status indicators, Interface text (bridge direction)
026 Interface text (bridge direction)
027 Interface text (bridge direction)
030 Head of Ballista arrow facing north, ramp up, track ramp up$, mountain on world map
031 Head of Ballista arrow facing south, ramp down, track ramp down$

Row 03 (032-047)[edit]

032   Unexplored underground, spaces in text messages, black background on the title screen and interface menu
033 ! various status icons, text, sound indicator in sneaking mode, tracks (footprints) in sneaking mode
034 " Shrub*, quotation marks, Carpenter's workshop tile, kobold out of view*, goblins out of view*, blizzard man out of view*, fallen leavesVerify, tracks (bent vegetation) in sneaking mode, various stones*, savanna, swamp, shrubland, marsh
035 # floor grates, various stones*, smoothed branches in elven forest retreats, labyrinths on travel map, text
036 $ Coins
037 % Prepared meal, unexplored underground, screw pump in action, footprints in sneaking mode, various fruits*, various buds*, various stones*, Bismuthinite*, Floating guts#
038 & Demons#
039 ' Rough floors, unexplored underground, various stones, one eyed creatures with GLOWTILE " (kobold, goblins, and blizzard in vanilla), various grasses*
040 ( Foreign object opening tag, tile in bowyer's workshop, waxing moon on travel map, text
041 ) Foreign object closing tag, waning moon on travel map, text
042 * Unmined ore*, glowing pits, superior quality tags, key reference, working gear assembly, gem floodgate, various stones*, chestnut fruit*, other fruits and flowers*, moving armies on quick travel map
043 + Smooth/constructed floors, finely-crafted quality tags, text, block/bar bridge or road, Bauxite*, injury indicator, towns on world map
044 , Rough floors, Claystone*, unexplored underground, text, various grasses*
045 - Scepters, arrows in flight, well-crafted quality tags, keyboard reference, various stones*, overlapping creatures animation
046 . Rough floors, various stones*, text, unexplored underground, various grasses*
047 / Weapons, bolts, Ballista tile, text, overlapping creatures animation

Row 04 (048-063)[edit]

048 0 Coffins, text
049 1 Text, fluids if SHOW_FLOW_AMOUNTS is YES in d_init.txt
050 2 Text, fluids if SHOW_FLOW_AMOUNTS is YES in d_init.txt
051 3 Text, fluids if SHOW_FLOW_AMOUNTS is YES in d_init.txt
052 4 Text, fluids if SHOW_FLOW_AMOUNTS is YES in d_init.txt
053 5 Text, fluids if SHOW_FLOW_AMOUNTS is YES in d_init.txt
054 6 Text, fluids if SHOW_FLOW_AMOUNTS is YES in d_init.txt
055 7 Text, fluids if SHOW_FLOW_AMOUNTS is YES in d_init.txt
056 8 Fortress gates on travel map, text
057 9 Text
058 : Wild strawberry*, prickle berry*, fisher berry*, sun berry*, snowstorms, underground shrubs*, command menu text
059 ; Mason's workshop, Kitchen, Selenite*, command menu text (Movies key), twigs$
060 < Stairs up, brackets around squad names, "Less than 1 unit weight" on Trading screen.
061 = Empty Stockpiles, hamlets on world map, various stones*,
062 > Stairs down, brackets around squad names.
063 ? various status icons

Row 05 (064-079)[edit]

064 @ berserk dwarf#, adventurer#, dwarven merchants#, dwarven caravan guards#, dwarven diplomat#, adventurer's location on map
065 A Various creatures#, Tile in Farm Workshop, text
066 B Various creatures#, text
067 C Various creatures#, text
068 D Various creatures#, Depot Access Display, text
069 E Various creatures#, text
070 F Various creatures#, text
071 G Various creatures#, text
072 H Various creatures#, text
073 I Various creatures#, support, Necromancer's tower on world map, text
074 J Various creatures#, text
075 K Various creatures#, text
076 L Various creatures#, text
077 M Various creatures#, text
078 N Various creatures#, text
079 O Various creatures#, trade depot post, glass portal, Tile in Farm Workshop, column$, wall construction, full moon on travel map and dwarf mode, text, trunk$, staring eyeball*, bubble bulb*

Row 06 (080-095)[edit]

080 P Various creatures#, text
081 Q Text
082 R Various creatures#, text
083 S Various creatures#, text
084 T Various creatures#, text
085 U Various creatures#, text
086 V Badlands on map, Text
087 W Various creatures#, text, Depot Access Display
088 X Bin, floodgate, shop post, building footprint, Depot Access Display, text, up/down stairs, Tile in Ashery, keyboard cursor, Archery target, various status indicators
089 Y Text, Yak#, Yeti#
090 Z Sleep indicator, text
091 [ Clothing, armor, item stack opening tag, moon on travel map, text, tracks (bootprints) in sneaking mode
092 \ Overlapping creatures animation, Ballista tile
093 ] Floor tile in workshops and furnaces, item stack closing tag, text
094 ^ Trap, Alabaster*, Aluminum*, Volcano on world map
095 _ Channel designation, text

Row 07 (096-111)[edit]

096 ` Rough floors, unexplored underground*, various stones*, various grasses*
097 a Various creatures#, text
098 b Various creatures#, text
099 c Various creatures#, text
100 d Various creatures#, text
101 e Various creatures#, text
102 f Various creatures#, text
103 g Various creatures#, text
104 h Various creatures#, text
105 i Various creatures#, text
106 j Various creatures#, text
107 k Various creatures#, text
108 l Various creatures#, text
109 m Various creatures#, text
110 n Various creatures#, text, Hills on map
111 o Various creatures#, text, Graphite*, well construction, bridge construction, millstone in action, vertical axle in action, floor tile in magma furnaces, staring eyeball*, bubble bulb*, winter melon*, watermelon*

Row 08 (112-127)[edit]

112 p Various creatures#, text
113 q Text
114 r Various creatures#, text
115 s Various creatures#, text
116 t Various creatures#, text
117 u Text
118 v Various creatures#, text, various stones*,
119 w Various creatures#, text
120 x Saltpeter*, text
121 y Text
122 z Text
123 { Forbidden opening tag, tile in Jeweler's workshop, vermin, purring maggot#
124 | Talc*, pipe sections, overlapping creatures animation
125 } Forbidden closing tag, vermin, purring maggot alternate*
126 ~ Unfinished rough stone road, flowing water, dirt road, farm plot under construction, sand, furrowed soil, blood smear, guts, Various creatures#, Magnetite*
127 Animal trap, low mountains on world map, part of mechanic's workshop, trunk$

Row 09 (128-143)[edit]

128 Ç Mechanisms, text
129 ü Text
130 é Text
131 â Text
132 ä Text
133 à Text
134 å Text
135 ç Totems
136 ê Text
137 ë Text, military elves
138 è Text
139 ï Text
140 î Elven forest retreat
141 ì Text
142 Ä Deities, Angels
143 Å Figurines, shrines on travel map, text

Row 10 (144-159)[edit]

144 É Text
145 æ Toys, hamlets on world map
146 Æ Coffers, quivers, backpacks, hamlets on world map
147 ô Cauldrons*
148 ö Rings
149 ò Unactivated levers, Various creatures#, text
150 û Bucket, text
151 ù Text
152 ÿ Valley herb*, text
153 Ö Bracelets, wheelbarrows*
154 Ü Military Humans
155 ¢ hatch covers
156 £ various stones*, most unmined ores*,
157 ¥ Cave lobster*
159 ƒ Rope reed*, splints, arrow bamboo*, golden bamboo*, hedge bamboo*

Row 11 (160-175)[edit]

160 á Text
161 í Text
162 ó Activated levers, text
163 ú Text
164 ñ Bogeyman
165 Ñ Night creatures
166 ª Goblin settlements on world map
167 º Cloth
168 ¿ Instrument
169 Withered plants*, wormy tendril*
170 ¬ wormy tendril*
171 ½
172 ¼ Roc nests, roots$, branches$
173 ¡ Flask, waterskin
174 « Tail of Ballista arrow facing west, item with decoration tag
175 » Tail of Ballista arrow facing east, item with decoration tag

Row 12 (176-191)[edit]

176  Partially dug rock, various flows (miasma, cave-in dust, steam, smoke, etc.), Fishery, fog on travel map, Semi-molten Rock, various stones*, various soils*, fallen leaves
177  Partially dug rock, various flows (miasma, cave-in dust, steam, smoke, etc.), side tiles for catapult, window, fog on travel map, Workshops (craftdwarf's, bowyer's, mason's, mechanic's, jeweler's, clothier's, kitchen, and leather works), various stones*, various kinds of soil*, fallen leaves, vermin swarm
178  Partially dug rock, various flows (miasma, cave-in dust, steam, smoke, etc.), floor tile for ice, tanner's shop, butcher's shop, Wagon body, fog on travel map, various kinds of soil*, various kinds of soil*, sky$, fallen leaves
179  Overworld rivers, well chain/rope, rotating horizontal axles, branches$
180  Overworld rivers, top-right tile for Loom, branches$, Glumprong forests*
181  Blood thorn trees*, bridges, catapult tile, tracks$
182  Branches$
183  Ends of smooth walls
184  Ends of smooth walls
185  Smooth/constructed walls, tracks$, trunk$
186  Smooth/constructed walls, bridges, wooden doors, center catapult tile, center Ballista tile, axles, tracks$, fortress walls on travel map, trunk$
187  Smooth/constructed walls, bridges, tracks$, trunk$
188  Smooth/constructed walls, bridges, tracks$, trunk$
189  Ends of smooth walls
190  Ends of smooth walls
191  Overworld rivers, branches$

Row 13 (192-207)[edit]

192  Overworld rivers/Roads, branches$
193  Overworld rivers/Roads, branches$
194  Overworld rivers/Roads, crutches, branches$
195  Overworld rivers/Roads, top-left tile for Loom, branches$
196  Overworld rivers/Roads, rotating axles, branches$
197  Doors, overworld rivers/Roads, floor detailing/engraving in progress, branches$
198  Bridges, trees in winter, (un)dead trees*, Saguaro*, catapult tile, tracks$, branches$
199  branches$
200  Smooth/constructed walls, bridges, tracks$, fortress walls on travel map, trunk$
201  Smooth/constructed walls, bridges, tracks$, fortress walls on travel map, trunk$
202  Smooth/constructed walls, tracks$, trunk$
203  Smooth/constructed walls, tracks$, fortress walls on travel map, trunk$
204  Smooth/constructed walls, tracks$, trunk$
205  Smooth/constructed walls, bridges, planted crops, center catapult tile, center Ballista tile, axles, tracks$, fortress walls on travel map, trunk$
206  Smooth/constructed walls, bridges, fortifications, (flashing) wall detailing/engraving/fortifying in progress, tracks$, trunk$
207  Tail of Ballista arrow facing north, screw press building, branches$

Row 14 (208-223)[edit]

208 Bridges, catapult tile, tracks$
209 Table, tail of Ballista arrow facing south, branches$
210 Chairs, bridges, catapult tile, farmer's workshop bottom-middle tile, tracks$
211 Ends of smooth walls
212 Ends of smooth walls
213 Ends of smooth walls
214 Ends of smooth walls
215 Wooden floodgates, bone floodgates, wall grates
216 Door designation
217 Overworld rivers, branches$
218 Overworld rivers, branches$
219 Interface window border, trade depot tile, ice wall and dig-designated tiles
220 Siege engine parts, Ballista tile
221 Ballista tile
222 Ballista tile
223 Ballista tile

Row 15 (224-239)[edit]

224 α Various fish#, top-center fishery tile, meat, altocumulus clouds on travel map
225 ß Leather, cumulus clouds on travel map
226 Γ Weight symbol, various forest trees, tropical forests
227 π Cabinet, dark fortresses
228 Σ Trap component
229 σ Anvil, metalsmith's and magma forge bottom-middle tile, jugs*
230 µ Crown, ruins on world map
231 τ Tree sapling*, pig tail*, cave wheat*, Longland grass*, rat weed*, hide root*, muck root*, blade weed*, sliver barb*, shrubland, arrow bamboo*, golden bamboo*, hedge bamboo*
232 Φ Sweet pod*, bloated tuber*, kobold bulb*, traction benches, pots*
233 Θ Beds, Puddingstone*
234 Ω Statues, dwarven cities on map, sea nettle jellyfish*
235 δ Earrings, kennel tile
236  Boulder, dry brook, middle-right butcher's shop tile, various stones*, sea foam, images of clouds, fortress gates on travel map, honeycomb*
237 φ Thread, loom bottom left tile, farmer's workshop bottom right tile
238 ε Large Pots, Bowyer's workshop middle-right tile
240  Hills on world map, slab building

Row 16 (240-255)[edit]

240  Bars, exceptional quality symbol, activity zones, metal doors, floor bars, track stops, cirrus clouds on travel map, hamlets on world map
241 ± Unfinished road
242  Debris (spent ammo, ballista bolts, and catapult stones), ashes, wormy tendril*
243  Debris (spent ammo, ballista bolts, and catapult stones), ashes, wormy tendril*
244  swamps on world map, Willow forest/swamp*
246 ÷ Barrel, screw pump, upper left tile of still (works well as barrel)
247  Rough stone road or bridge, water, magma, snow, glob (fat/tallow), farm plot, furrowed soil, vomit, blood pools, sea foam, sand, various stones*
248 ° Sea foam, eggs, staring eyeball*, bubble bulb*
249  Vermin*, Boulders at lower elevation, trees at lower elevation
250 · Seeds, micro-vermin, open space, terrain at lower elevation, plants at lower elevation.
251  Weapon racks, badlands in main map, check mark (selecting production materials, confirmed items on manager window)
252  Savanna, marsh, grassland, badlands
253 ² Body parts, vermin remains
254  Blocks, minecarts*, human houses/shops on travel map, progress bars

Detailed use list by type[edit]


Main creature tiles[edit]

This is a list of tiles used by creatures. In all cases the tile can be changed in the raws, and a graphic can be assigned.

001 (Civilian) dwarves

011 Cuttlefish Nautilus, Squid

015 Pond turtle

016 manta ray

037 % Floating guts

042 * Creepy crawler

064 @ berserk dwarf, adventurer, dwarven merchants, dwarven caravan guards, dwarven diplomat

065 A Alligator, Anaconda, Anaconda man, Giant aardvark, Giant adder, Giant anaconda, Giant armadillo, Giant aye-aye, Giant albatross, Giant axolotl

066 B Beak dog, Black bear, Blind cave bear, Giant badger, Giant barn owl, Giant bat, Giant beaver, Giant bobcat, Giant bushtit, Giant sloth bear, Giant wild boar, Great barracuda, Grizzly bear, Polar bear, Sloth bear man, Sloth bear, Wild boar man, Wild boar

067 C Cave crocodile, Cougar, Cow, Giant capuchin, Giant capybara, Giant cassowary, Giant cave swallow, Giant cheetah, Giant chinchilla, Giant coati, Giant cockatiel, Giant coyote, Giant crab, Giant crow, Giant cuttlefish, Giant horseshoe crab, Magma crab, One-humped camel, Saltwater crocodile, Two-humped camel, Voracious cave crawler

068 D Cave dragon, Donkey, Draltha, Giant damselfly, Giant dingo

069 E Elephant, Elk bird, Elk, Emu man, Emu, Giant eagle, Giant echidna, Giant emu

070 F Giant green tree frog

071 G Giant gila monster, Giant grasshopper, Giant grouper, Giant leopard gecko, Giraffe, Gorilla, Green devourer

072 H Giant hamster, Giant hare, Giant harp seal, Giant hedgehog, Giant hornbill, Giant hyena, Harp seal, Hippo, Horse

073 I Giant ibex, Giant impala

074 J Giant jackal, Giant jaguar, Giant jumping spider, Jabberer, Jaguar

075 K Giant kakapo, Giant kangaroo, Giant kea, Giant kestrel, Giant king cobra, Giant kingsnake, Giant kiwi, Giant koala, Kangaroo man, Kangaroo

076 L Giant gray langur, Giant leech, Giant leopard seal, Giant leopard, Giant lion tamarin, Giant lion, Giant loon, Giant lorikeet, Giant louse, Giant lynx, Giant masked lovebird, Giant peach-faced lovebird, Leopard seal man, Leopard seal, Leopard, Lion, Llama

077 M Amethyst man, Blizzard man, Blood man, Fire man, Gabbro man, Giant magpie, Giant mantis, Giant mink, Giant mongoose, Giant monitor lizard, Giant moose, Giant mosquito, Giant moth, Giant spider monkey, Iron man, Magma man, Merperson, Molemarian, Monitor lizard man, Monitor lizard, Moose man, Moose, Mud man, Mule, Muskox, Sea monster

078 N Giant narwhal, Giant nautilus, Narwhal man, Narwhal, Nightwing

079 O Blind cave ogre, Giant great horned owl, Giant ocelot, Giant octopus, Giant olm, Giant opossum, Giant orca, Giant osprey, Giant ostrich, Giant otter, Giant snowy owl, Ogre, Orangutan, Orca man, Orca, Ostrich man, Ostrich

080 P Giant grey parrot, Giant pangolin, Giant parakeet, Giant penguin, Giant peregrine falcon, Giant platypus, Giant porcupine, Giant puffin, Giant red panda, Gigantic panda, Panda man, Panda

082 R Giant rat, Giant raven, Reacher, Reindeer, Rhinoceros, Rutherer

083 S Basking shark, Blacktip reef shark, Blue shark, Bull shark, Elephant seal man, Elephant seal, Giant bark scorpion, Giant black mamba, Giant brown recluse spider, Giant bushmaster, Giant cave spider, Giant copperhead snake, Giant desert scorpion, Giant elephant seal, Giant flying squirrel, Giant moon snail, Giant python, Giant rattlesnake, Giant skunk, Giant sloth, Giant slug, Giant snail, Giant sparrow, Giant sponge, Giant stoat, Giant swan, Giant white stork, Gigantic squid, Great white shark, Hammerhead shark, Longfin mako shark, Nurse shark, Python man, Python, Sasquatch, Sea serpent, Shortfin mako shark, Spotted wobbegong, Tiger shark, Whitetip reef shark

084 T Alligator snapping turtle, Giant desert tortoise, Giant pond turtle, Giant snapping turtle, Giant tapir, Giant thrips, Giant tick, Giant tiger, Giant toad, Giant tortoise man, Giant tortoise, Gigantic tortoise, Tapir man, Tapir, Tiger, Tigerman, Troll

085 U Human, Unicorn

087 W Giant earthworm, Giant sperm whale, Giant weasel, Giant wolverine, Giant wombat, Giant wren, Sperm whale man, Sperm whale, Wagon, Walrus, Water buffalo, Whale shark

089 Y Yak, Yeti

097 a Aardvark man, Aardvark, Adder man, Adder, Albatross man, Albatross, Alpaca, Amphibian man, Antman, Armadillo man, Armadillo, Axolotl man, Aye-aye man, Aye-aye

098 b Badger man, Badger, Barn owl man, Barn owl, Bat man, Beaver man, Beaver, Bobcat man, Bobcat, Bonobo, Bugbat, Bushtit man, Buzzard, Foul blendec, Honey badger

099 c Capuchin man, Capuchin, Capybara man, Capybara, Cassowary man, Cassowary, Cat, Cavy, Cheetah, Chicken, Chimpanzee, Chinchilla man, Chinchilla, Coati man, Coati, Cockatiel man, Coelacanth, Coyote man, Coyote, Crab man, Crab, Crow man, Crundle, Cuttlefish man, Horseshoe crab man, Horseshoe crab

100 d Damselfly man, Deer, Dingo man, Dingo, Dog, Drunian, Duck, Duck, Duck

101 e Elf, Creeping eye, Eagle man, Eagle, Echidna man, Echidna

102 f Cave fish man, Cave floater, Fox, Green tree frog man

103 g Goblin, Bilou, Black-crested gibbon, Black-handed gibbon, Dark gnome, Gazelle, Gila monster man, Gila monster, Goat, Goose, Gorlak, Grasshopper man, Gray gibbon, Gremlin, Grimeling, Groundhog, Guineafowl, Leopard gecko man, Longnose gar, Mountain gnome, Mountain goat, Pileated gibbon, Silvery gibbon, White-handed gibbon

104 h Hamster man, Hare man, Hare, Harp seal man, Harpy, Hedgehog man, Hornbill man, Hornbill, Hungry head, Hyena man, Hyena

105 i Fire imp, Ibex man, Ibex, Impala man, Impala

106 j Jackal man, Jackal, Jumping spider man

107 k Kobold, Kakapo man, Kakapo, Kea man, Kea, Kestrel man, Kestrel, King cobra man, King cobra, Kingsnake man, Kingsnake, Kiwi man, Kiwi, Koala man, Koala

108 l Gray langur man, Gray langur, Leech man, Lion tamarin man, Loon man, Loon, Lorikeet man, Louse man, Lynx man, Lynx, Masked lovebird man, Peach-faced lovebird man

109 m Giant mole, Hoary marmot, Magpie man, Mandrill, Manera, Mantis man, Mink man, Mink, Mongoose man, Mongoose, Mosquito man, Moth man, Plump helmet man, Rhesus macaque, Spider monkey man, Spider monkey

110 n Naked mole dog, Nautilus man

111 o Cave blob, Flesh ball, Great horned owl man, Great horned owl, Ocelot man, Ocelot, Octopus man, Octopus, Olm man, Opossum man, Opossum, Osprey man, Osprey, Otter man, River otter, Sea otter, Snowy owl man, Snowy owl

112 p Blue peafowl, Emperor penguin, Grey parrot man, Grey parrot, Little penguin, Pangolin man, Pangolin, Parakeet man, Penguin man, Penguin, Peregrine falcon man, Peregrine falcon, Pig, Platypus man, Platypus, Pond grabber, Porcupine man, Porcupine, Puffin man, Puffin, Red panda man, Red panda

114 r Large rat, Rabbit, Raccoon, Raven man, Raven, Reptile man, Rodent man

115 s Angelshark, Bark scorpion man, Black mamba man, Black mamba, Brown recluse spider man, Bushmaster man, Bushmaster, Cave swallow man, Copperhead snake man, Copperhead snake, Flying squirrel man, Frill shark, Helmet snake, Moon snail man, Rattlesnake man, Rattlesnake, Satyr, Serpent man, Sheep, Siamang, Skunk man, Skunk, Sloth man, Sloth, Slug man, Snail man, Sparrow man, Spiny dogfish, Sponge man, Sponge, Stoat man, Stoat, Strangler, Swan man, Swan, White stork man, White stork

116 t Common snapping turtle, Desert tortoise man, Desert tortoise, Pond turtle man, Snapping turtle man, Thrips man, Tick man, Troglodyte, Turkey

118 v Vulture

119 w Ice wolf, Warthog, Weasel man, Weasel, Wolf, Wolverine man, Wolverine, Wombat man, Wombat, Wren man

123 { Purring maggot

126 ~ Conger eel, Sea lamprey, worm

157 ¥ Cave lobster

149 ò Stingray, Common skate

224 α Yellow bullhead, Bluefin tuna, Bluefish, Carp, Cod, Halibut, Marlin, Milkfish, Ocean sunfish, Opah, Pike, Sturgeon, Swordfish, Tigerfish

234 Ω sea nettle jellyfish

Additional Tiles Used by Creatures[edit]

Some creature raw specify secondary tiles. They are listed here

Tile Usage Change Properties
002 Military dwarves can be removed, reassigned, or overridden by graphics
009 creeping eye glowing eye can be reassigned
034 " kobold, goblin, and blizzard man glowing eyes cannot be removed or reassigned without changing behavior
039 ' one eyed creatures with GLOWTILE " (kobold, goblins, and blizzard men) tile cannot be changed
125 } purring maggot alternate can be removed or reassigned
137 ë military elves can be removed, reassigned, or overridden by graphics
154 Ü Military Humans can be removed, reassigned, or overridden by graphics


Trees on map[edit]

The tiles can all be changed in the raws.

005  Acacia, Alder, Apple, Apricot, Birch, Cherry, Feather tree, Mangrove, Maple, Peach, Pear, Tea, Sand pear, Plum

006  Almond, Hazel, Oak, Mahogany, Chestnut, Ash, Kumquat, Custard-apple, Orange, Desert lime, Finger lime, Round lime, Walnut, Pomelo, Citron, Olive , Macadamia, Coffee, Bayberry, Bitter orange, Lime, Lychee, Pecan, Persimmon

020  Highwood

023  Cedar

024  Pine, Ginkgo, Larch

180  Glumprong

181  Blood thorn

226 Γ abaca, candlenut, mango tree, rubber tree, cacao tree, Coconut palm, kapok, Avocado, Banana, Carambola, Cashew, Date palm, Durian, Guava, Papaya, Paradise nut, Pomegranate, Rambutan

244  Willow

198  Saguaro

Trees in game[edit]

035 # smoothed branches in elven forest retreats
037 % various fruits, various buds
042 * chestnut fruit, catkins
059 ; twigs
127  trunk cap
172 ¼ roots, branches with leaves
231 τ Tree sapling
trunk 010  079 O 185  186  187  188  200  201  202  203  204  205  206 
branches 179  180  182  191  192  193  194  195  196  197  198  199  207  209  217  218 


003  Dimple cups
005  Quarry bushes
006  Plump helmets,
058 : Wild strawberry, prickle berry, fisher berry, sun berry
152 ÿ Valley herb
159 ƒ Rope reed
231 τ pig tail, cave wheat, Longland grass, rat weed, hide root, muck root, blade weed, sliver barb
232 Φ Sweet pod, bloated tuber, kobold bulb

Garden plants[edit]

005  blossoms
006  leaves
037 % all kinds of berries
058 : all kinds of berries
111 o winter melon, watermelon


Grass tiles can be changed in the plant raws. Most grasses have 4 tiles that are alternatively used.

005 flowers on baby toes succulent, cloudberry, cottongrass, marsh thistle, meadowsweet. mountain avens, pebble plant, and rush.
009 staring eyeball, bubble bulb
039 ' all other grasses
044 , all other grasses
046 . all other grasses
079 O bubble bulb, staring eyeball
096 ` all other grasses
111 o bubble bulb, staring eyeball
159 ƒ arrow bamboo, golden bamboo, hedge bamboo
169 wormy tendril
170 ¬ wormy tendril
231 τ arrow bamboo, golden bamboo, hedge bamboo
242  wormy tendril
243  wormy tendril
248 ° staring eyeball, bubble bulb

Unmined inorganic material[edit]

The tiles can all be changed in the raws.


015 bituminous coal
034 " Calcite, Hornblende
035 # Sandstone, Rock salt, Basalt, Gypsum
037 % Siltstone, Slate, Brimstone, Kimberlite, Bismuthinite, Realgar, Stibnite, Marcasite, Olivine, Orthoclase, Microcline, Petrified wood, Brimstone, Pyrolusite
039 ' Claystone, Rhyolite, Periclase
042 * Lignite, Pitchblende
043 + Bauxite
045 - Cryolite, Orpiment, Satinspar, Phyllite, Quartzite
046 . Dacite, Ilmenite, Shale
059 ; Selenite
061 = Chert, Gneiss, Sylvite, Chromite, Kaolinite
094 ^ Alabaster
096 ` Dolomite, Schist, Alunite, Rutile, Borax
111 o Graphite
118 v Anhydrite, Mica
120 x Saltpeter
124 | Talc
156 £ Cinnabar, Cobaltite
176  Jet, Chalk, Diorite
177  Gabbro, Obsidian
178  Marble, Limestone, Granite
233 Θ Puddingstone
236  Andesite, Conglomerate
247 Mudstone, Serpentine


037 % Bismuthinite
094 ^ Aluminum
126 ~ Magnetite
156 £ Adamantine, Cassiterite, Copper, Galena, Gold, Hematite, Horn silver, Limonite, Malachite, Platinum, Silver, Sphalerite, Tetrahedrite


015 is used by all gems


176  Loam, Peat, Sandy clay loam, Sandy loam, Silty clay loam, Pelagic clay, Red sand, Sand (tan)
177  Loamy sand, Silt loam, Siliceous ooze, Calcareous ooze, Clay loam, Sandy clay
178  Silt, Black sand, White sand, Yellow sand, Clay, Silty clay, Fire clay

List of characters used in text and interface[edit]

Changes to these may make text look strange or be difficult to understand, unless you are using the TrueType font feature.

  • " ! _ + , - . 0 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 /
  • A B C D E F G H I J K L M N O P Q R S T U V W X Y Z
  • a b c d e f g h i j k l m n o p q r s t u v w x y z
  • 32 (Space); 219█; 254■; ↑ ↓ → ← [Bridge direction indicators]; ♂ ♀ ☼ Γ √;
  • Quality: - + ≡ * ☼ « »
  • Brackets: ( ) < > { } [ ]


Accented characters are used for names.

Dwarvish: íèîïéóúûôöùòêìëàáåäâabcdefghiklmnorstuvz

Elvish: íèéóúÿùòìçabcdefghiklmnopqrstuvwyz

Human: ñáabcdefghijklmnopqrstuvwxyz

Goblin: ûôöêëäåâabdeghklmnoprstuxz

No known use[edit]

These are ideal for using to change tiles in the raw data or init.txt.

↕ ∟ ↔ ₧ ½ ⌡ 255