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  1. I can't put my finger on it. Something about this Cat tallow roast tastes funny.
  2. Toady withdraws from society. Toady has begun a mysterious construction!
  3. Let us never forget the last words of Inod the Stoker, "Aaah! Gorillas!"
  4. Newborn Zuglar Baldnessgranite prefers to consume Gorilla. A sure sign of his unparalleled strength!
  5. In an unrelated article - I had no idea elephants could bounce that high!
  6. Toady looses a roaring laughter, fell and terrible! Toady has butchered a spammer!
  7. The critical question is this: do elf bones yield more crossbow bolts than the average number of bolts necessary to kill an elf?
  8. "Dwarf Fortress" ... "Like chess, only with short people that can catch on fire like rags soaked in tar, and lots of booze." ... "Like chess."
  9. Dwarf Fortress has taught me that all the world's problems would be substantially reduced had our parent civilizations never minted more than four stacks of coins.
  10. Booze does all the work in forts. Dwarves are just booze exoskeletons.
  11. My unconscious and bleeding mayor just mandated the construction of some goods.
  12. I can just imagine a wagon throwing a tantrum and tossing all its contents at people.
  13. Döbesh Udosdeb has been ecstatic lately. He was forced to eat a friend to survive. He enjoyed a truly decadent meal.
  14. Iron screw pump exercise equipment. Pump iron and get superdwarvenly strong!
  15. The violence, aggression, pain, madness, sadness of the ASCII characters never ceases to amaze me...
  16. Wait, you're MAKING animals?
    At this moment, yes, I am smelting cows.
    Spiders Everywhere
  17. "Didn't you read the manual? He he he he... the manual... ..."
    --Toady One
  18. (Compared to real-world years) Dwarven years are shorter.
    Very fitting to dwarves, I must add.
    --Sean Mirrsen
  19. Magma is not a water source. Dwarves can't drink it or supply it to their wounded.
  20. "[B]oats are the enemy of tiles. And tiles are the enemy of boats."
    --Toady One
  21. "I went through and fixed a few places where forbidden/on fire weren't being respected for next time. Burning milkable creatures were still a problem for example."
    --Toady One
  22. "You have been processed! Go forth, now, and edit!"
  23. "What happened in 1048?" "Jreengus occurred."
  24. Making rock instruments isn't nearly as awesome as it sounds --Shandrunn
  25. The cyclops I was quested to kill had a thousand year history of badassery, and all of that without the leg it lost in the Year 3 (a dwarf bit it off... I should probably deal with that). --Toady One
  26. [FIREIMMUNE] makes them think that magma is safe but doesn't actually make them fireproof. This can lead to some rather interesting results.
  27. Endok Cerolneth has begun a mysterious construction!
    Endok Cerolneth, Planter has given birth to a girl.
  28. "Incendia sunt socia vestra, armaque vestra, fortesque Montis Domi." "Magma is your ally, your weapon, the strength of the Mountain-Home." --Eita
  29. "Stopped people from giving quests to kill themselves." --Toady One
  30. "...And I simply doubt we have a need for 7 fishery workers. On top of that, a second soap maker. The hell IS soap?!" --Zero
  31. "This is a terrible pun. All craftsdwarfship is of the poorest quality." - Soup_alex
  32. "The default mental state of a dwarf is madness. Sanity is a temporary condition - a PRIVILEGE you have to EARN!" --Fedor
  33. "Why get normal cats? I buy lolcats in the embark screen. Much more fun to engrave about them." --Yanlin
  34. "Dwarf Fortress taught me it was okay to make a suit out of my neighbour's skin, as long as I gave it a name."
  35. "Got rid of world gen crash during succession after death of prolific long-standing position holders with inbred descendants" --Toady One
  36. "There was a typo in the siegers' campfire code. When the fires went out, so did the game." --Toady One
  37. "Hey, what does that flashing red and orange text mean? What? Why is there smoke everywhere? Oh god, are those BABIES on fire?" --StrawberryBunny
  38. "It's never 'just a game' when you're losing."
    --George Carlin (if he played Dwarf Fortress)
  39. Not that building a bridge out of soap makes much sense to begin with anyway.
  40. Note that while you cannot milk larger animals yourself, civilizations can still milk animals "off screen" for your benefit.
  41. Tosid Idenarzes likes tentacle demons for their corrupt intentions. "There! Now we've covered all of the seven deadly sins."
  42. "Litast Idenudesh, baby, is throwing a tantrum! Inod Litastrilem, Mayor, has lost consciousness. Inod Litastrilem, Mayor, has bled to death."
  43. Bug 000780 [adventure mode][crime] - town guard becomes a criminal after getting an adventurer's stolen weapon stuck in his body
  44. "Udib Toblumaid, Axedwarf, cancels sparring in Barracks: too insane." Ben jamm1n
  45. Kosoth Cilobonol, Bone Carver cancels Drink: Unconscious.
  46. Sizir the Snail of Bait is a deity of The Fresh Towers. Sizir most often takes the form of a female dwarf and is associated with jealousy.
  47. Sibrek Tanbim likes Limestone, Tin, Smoky Quartz, the color crimson, bolts, scepters, anvils, and rock blocks for their lack of quality levels.
  48. There are 5 articles in category Lore: Armok, Cave Adaptation, Elephant, Philosopher, and Vomit.
  49. There is nothing to catch in the magma pipe.
  50. Bug 000563 [dwarf mode][justice] - mayor ordered himself beaten for failing to make crystal glass objects
  51. If cow cheese is made from cow's milk, what is dwarven cheese made of?
  52. Bugs are opportunities to cause unprecedented amounts of destruction. --Zorgn
  53. "You know, Urist, you've got a mind like an +Ash Trap+."--Destor
  54. Zander J: "Is there a way to stop immigration without setting the population cap?"
    Yanlin: "Magma."
  55. An animal trainer just suddenly stopped working and hid himself in a workshop. He's probably going to make a wardog out of rock and goblin skulls.
  56. Bug 000597 [creatures] - flying creatures give birth in midair, leading to tragedy.
  57. Urdim Kutamèrith, Pump Operator, has created Rakusttenshed, a Glumprong blowgun!
    Urdim, you are a freaking idiot.
  58. <Forkez> I don't get the game, but I do get that tunnels flooded with water is a bad thing.
  59. "If you give a dwarf a fire, he will be warm for a night. If you set a dwarf on fire, he will be warm for the rest of his life."
  60. "Since the Elves said they won't let me cut down any trees, I bought 50 of their logs instead."
  61. Do not make a trading race that breathes fire.

  62. Dwarf Fortress: Because burning elves are funny.
  63. The carp has drowned.
  64. There's one thing a dwarf needs, and that's stones. And alcohol... and magma... but mainly stones.
  65. "I swear to god once I saw a dwarf who was labeled as being Strong, Very Agile, Very Tough... and Clean. But it was probably just a bad dream."
  66. Urist McRandy has been ecstatic lately. He brought somebody to bed lately.
  67. "Dwarven children kidnapped and incorporated into goblin society might sh... shave."
    --Toady One
  68. Bug 000871 [projectiles] - babies fall to death when born on stairs
  69. Bug 001031 [adventure mode][inventory] - a merchant pack animal caught at an old dwarf site during adv mode was wearing a full set of clothes
  70. "Magma solves everything. Fire just ruins the booze." -sonerohi
  71. You can't yet strangle people with the exposed guts, though I suppose that's now within reach. --Toady One
  72. Look, there are roving clumps of sentient lava outside, ... This isn't going to get better. --PTTG??
  73. ...and the only surviving dwarf is a noble who has mandated the construction of crowns and clear glass items to the empty halls. --PTTG??
  74. Adil Idenlocun is conflicted: "When possible he prefers to consume purring maggot, Dwarven ale and Dwarven syrup. He absolutely detests purring maggots."
  75. "I had to leave just before I tested the dwarf with the boiling gold blood." -- Toady the Great One
  76. Urdim Zatinod has been quite content lately. She has lost an annoying friend to tragedy lately.
  77. I added two levers. One opens the magma. The other sets free all the cats. --Someone in Headshoots
  78. "As Manbaspecut, Human Merchant is stricken by melancholy!" "Muskox has gone stark raving mad!" I think something is wrong with the human caravan...
  79. "Somebody needs to build an active volcano inside a fortress inside an active volcano." --Boksi
  80. It has stats. It can be killed.
  81. Bug 000432 [dwarf mode][items] - Bones pop out of coffins.
  82. Thanks. I wish I had known that about three forts ago.
  83. If I remembered what the damn lever did, I'd pull it! <...pulls lever anyway...>
  84. Sarvesh Ralrubal likes olivine, olivine and olivine.
  85. "So let me get this straight. We managed to destroy a dwarven civilization while only managing a single town??"
  86. Kara Mase, the Glory of Amusing: Engraved on the wall is an image of a dwarf and an elf. The dwarf is committing a depraved act on the elf.
  87. Once saw a water skin with red beryl spikes. I still wonder how you would drink from that.
  88. Watching a kobold thief be chased by batman is very satisfying.
  89. Kol Tölunimush has been ecstatic lately. He killed somebody by accident while sparring recently. He took joy in slaughter lately. He has lost a lover to tragedy lately. He has witnessed death. He had a satisfying sparring session recently.
  90. There was kind of a violent explosion of boiling human blood when I was testing a human vs a magma man in the arena... it was a little weird, but I guess that's okay. --Toady One
  91. Mew?
  92. "If Dwarf Fortress geology is to be believed, then the Earth's core is made of microcline and demons."
  93. 'They're firing arrows at us! Quickly! Raise the babies!!' -Urdim McSquadLeader, mother of 8
  94. It started raining, then all my dwarves outside started bleeding to death. On inspection their upper bodies were missing.
  95. It seems that a fresh recruit given a crossbow and a quiver with ammo in it will opt to run up to the enemy and bash them with the crossbow.
  96. Bug introduced in the latest version: Firemen can have their flames severed. These flames then just lie around the place.
  97. You stab Iron Man in the right leg from behind with your adamantine short sword, breaking away a piece of the gas and shattering the iron!
    The Beak Dog is caught in a burst of Iron Man gas!
    Beak Dog vomits into the Iron Man gas.
  98. Urist McDairy, Milker cancels store item in stockpile: handling dangerous creature
  99. Ildomushat, Fish Cleaner, cancels Clean Self: Could not find path.
  100. Losing is Fun!!!
    --The Motto of Dwarf Fortress
  101. I hate walking under dwarven archways. You never know how many mechanized crossbows they have hidden underneath those damn things.
  102. "Bibo ergo sum. I drink, therefore I am."
    -- Dwarven Philosopher
  103. This is a menacing iron spike. This object menaces with spikes of iron.
  104. Kogsak is a deity of The Helpful Diamond. Kogsak most often takes the form of a dwarf and is associated with fortresses.
  105. The Forgotten Beast pushes The Wrestler in the head, bruising the muscle, driving the skull through the brain, and tearing apart the brain! The Wrestler has been struck down!
  106. Goblin Chops at the Diagnostician in the right leg, damaging the muscle! Urist McHouse is Unconscious!
  107. Limul Itebdesis, trader has been Possessed. Limul Itebdesis, trader has created Stodir Isethlolor, a Mortgage-Backed Security!
  108. The heart wound ended up being a guy getting shot in the arm, dropping his crossbow, running over to the opposing line, and jabbing his stack of bolts into somebody's chest.
  109. Giant mole has stolen a preserved prepared giant mole lung!
    "Hey, I want my grandfather back!"
  110. "You must construct additional barrels!" - User:Speed112
  111. All I want is a major river next to a volcano with flux, sand and bituminous coal.
  112. Do not taunt magma.
  113. I bury my pets in gold coffins and my nobles in wood coffins. Pets before people, I say.--KingAuggie
  114. [the cavern] is basically like the surface, except underground
  115. The fortress' randomly generated name was "Greatestfailure".
  116. "You stab the Human Thresher in the mouth with your large copper dagger, tearing the left cheek!" "The large copper dagger has lodged firmly in the wound!"
  117. "The best way to determine how dangerous a fortress is, is to make only one dwarf with the burial job, and nothing else: the lower his social skills, the more dangerous the fortress is - Rhenaya"
  118. "Before retiring in the evening, heed my words and give yourself to volcanos" - Ted Usmokatra, law-giver
  119. Upon coming of age, about 8, Urist McYoung Made an artifact, became mayor and promptly mandated the construction of slade goods.
  120. Dwarf Fortress: You've already lost.
  121. A sober fortress makes even a mental hospital seem like a pleasant place to live.
  122. A typical Dwarven nightmare consists of running out of booze or getting a beard lopped off in an accident.
  123. There are two ways of dealing with goblins in a tree. One is by marksdwarves. The other is by flooding the world with magma.
  124. Portal and Dwarf Fortress share a mystical trend. It is !!Science!!.
  125. The were-capybara is only one of the myriad lunatic monsters that terrorize the living. -- Threetoe
  126. The only time I ever saw the stupid thing fly, was to cross the aqueduct, to the beer hall. -- Fredd
  127. (On artifacts) I got a flint door, called The Noiseless Odors. -- Nyxalinth
  128. So apparently she became queen before becoming a twilight freak wife. Fascinating. -- Samuel
  129. The zombies in a necromancer's tower became suspicious after the necromancer failed to age -- Toady One
  130. Got a few barrels of beetle ichor and duck blood, gave some pig cheese in exchange. Made a present of three coffins to the queen.
  131. I'd have to look back to see if it wants the physical or metaphysical id on the corpse. -- Toady One
  132. The Sasquatch corpse has lodged firmly in the wound! The goblin has been struck down!
  133. [22:57:46] <Dik_> How do I wash myself up from blood?
    [23:06:20] <Dik_> How the fuck do I get out of the river?
  134. No, you're not getting that leg back. In fact, that creature over there is going to pick your leg up and beat you to death with it. You won't respawn.
  135. My refuse pile just woke up and ate my dwarves, who in turn got up themselves and started eating the other dwarves.
  136. Bug 2264 - Adv. Mode travel (near oceans) teleports player underground and turns them into an underground creature
  137. Bug 5921 - Biting dwarves in minecarts infinitely increases combat range
  138. Fort flooded. So that's what an aquifer is. -- Exelixi
  139. Axedwarf looks surprised by the ferocity of Spearmasters onslaught. Spearmaster charges at Axedwarf. Spearmaster stabs axedwarf in the left eye with his +Adamantine spear+, lightly tapping the target.
  140. In 4, the Castle of Fortune of the Tombs of Gold constructed the Hell of Taxing in Entrancedcrafts.
  141. I also got started on jumping. My first jump was off by a factor of 100, so I flew against a cliff and blew apart. I'm still working on it. -- Toady One
  142. Mukca: Seek this place and kill Cenäth Certaindrives the giant.
    Knowing no mercy, Cenäth stole Fisher berry wine!
  143. We shall build a tower so tall, we will mine the very stars themselves!
  144. Ingish Såkzulbomrek, Miner cancels Report Crime: Dangerous terrain.
  145. You have struck limonite! Oddom Nishdanman, Furnace Operator cancels Smelt Limonite Ore: needs limonite.
  146. Bug 4753 [Creatures]: Rodent men have no skin
  147. Bug 0040 [Dwarf Mode -- Jobs, Items]: "Dwarf cancels Make Cloth Item: Needs 10000 plant cloth"
  148. Bug 5531 [Creatures]: Legless animal men can kick
  149. Bug 1588 [Creatures]: Creature with 1 eye and 2 eyelids
  150. "This is my reward for not letting us all die. I have to deal with the Nobility."
    -- Captain Ironblood, the mayor of Nist Akath
  151. The king of my dwarves appointed a visiting merchant's yak as the general of the army while I was trading. -- Toady One
  152. I'd like to think they bonded over their sinister ancestors (or the strange childhood coincidence of having younger siblings gobbled up by different werebuffalo in the same year).
  153. They just walk around without a head until they realize that they should suffocate. -- Urist Da Vinci
  154. Most of yesterday I spent trying to be robbed by bandits, but they kept looking away from me and forgetting I was there. -- Toady One
  155. Today's success was to have a crying mother spit on me and call me a murderer. -- Toady One
  156. You monster! Killing too many children at once will make everyone sad. You need to kill them slowly so nobody notices.
  157. Dwarven... "Child Care": It's like regular childcare, except with more dogs, and less care.
  158. You: How have things been? Tulon Tunlikot, Mayor: Well, let's see... we've got the army on the march, beasts, bandits and bone-chilling horror.
  159. Bug 6722: Manager climbs a tree instead of going to office when management jobs are assigned
  160. Bug 5971: Fat dwarves eating causes lag
  161. Bug 6817: "Behold, mortal. I am a diving being."
  162. It was inevitable.
  163. Weresquirrel Ceru Uzushimdo has come! A large Squirrel twisted into humanoid form. It is crazed for blood and flesh. Its eyes glow orange. Its sandy taupe hair is very curly. Now you will know why you fear the night.
  164. I don't think the Elves in my DF game are too happy... I've modded them so that their body temperature causes nearby trees to burst into flames. --Evil One
  165. Dwarf Fortress: Teaching methods of genocide against merpeople because their bones are worth 6000☼.
  166. No one has gone missing or died. The year is still young.
  167. From release notes 0.40.11: Stopped overuse of plant structure tag causing people to say they preferred to eat trees
  168. Stopped dwarves from trying to clean their own missing or internal body parts. --Toady One
  169. The game actually has a first-person message about being scuttled, just in case you should happen to be playing as a wagon. --Halfling
  170. Engraved on the wall is a well-designed image of a dwarf and hamsters. The dwarf is surrounded by the hamsters. The dwarf looks terrified.